Colorful Beaded Bracelet

    Colorful Beaded Bracelet

    Turquoise Blue Cuff Bracelet Memory Wire

    Colorful Beaded Cuff Bracelet Memory Wire

    Colorful Memory Wire Bracelet with Bead Charms
    A charm bracelet today can be described asmeans of fashion for most of us but yet many years ago the charm bracelet was to avert evil spirits or misfortune. Undoubtedly back then the charm bracelet may have been completely crafted from shells or even the bone fragments of animals. In Germany many hundreds of years ago charms were created from mammoth tusk and in Egypt the charms that they crafted were chosen for two main intentions. One the charms identified people and also they were worn basically because they considered they might strengthen faith and bring good fortune. Everyone knows the symbol of the fish signifies Christianity but may not know it originated some time ago. Christians would conceal a fish charm somewhere inside their clothing and then simply use it to distinguish themselves to other Christians. Without getting a charm as identity it was difficult to fully understand whom to believe in back then. Today the charm bracelet is far more pleasing to the eyes and never needed for identification any more. With charms made of Tibetan silver gold diamonds as well as other gemstones the beauty ofthe actual charm bracelet can definitely carry your breath away.
    When soldiers from Wwii returned home they brought back with them small charms of the places that they had served to set free from the opposing forces. Those charms told the story of how they had struggled for their country and their spouses proudly wore them. In these days professional athletes may have charms of their chosen sport or girls often have charms given to them for birthday celebrations. The charms won t always tell a complete story nonetheless do show the things which the wearer enjoys not to mention feels are very important.

    A charm bracelet creates a jingle when in motion that many people like to listen to even while many other wearers adore to display the individual charms on the bracelets. The actual charms on the charm bracelet from time to time contain great meaning to the wearer of the jewelry. There are charms with birth gems connected with family together with loved ones and charms about hobbies and interests work school and other important landmarks in your own life.

    Through the years various fashions have jumped up only to leave within a couple of years nevertheless the charm bracelet has and always will be in fashion. They often change in style and design over ten years or so but the concept behind the charm bracelet remains. And that concept is to wear an item of jewelry which often tells a story about your life.

    Brighten up someone’s day with a Colorful Beaded Bracelet crafted entirely of beads and wire. Each cuff bracelet speaks to the Maasai culture by incorporating bright beads and geometric designs. Give one as a gift or keep it for yourself!

    Seed Bead & Silver Elastic Bracelets are available in 14 colors

    $30.00 per single-color five pack of 6” or 7” bracelets

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Colorful Beaded Bracelet

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