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    Tattered Flesh, Resilient Spirit - Craig Collision MD
    Tattered Flesh is the story of Craig's fight for life, his strides and setbacks. It is a collaboration of his own memories, as well as journal entries made from his wife, friends, and hospital staff, into a journal that was kept by his bedside.
    Invisible Ink - Book Review
    Carl Veno's book, Invisible Ink, provides an insider's view of the newspaper world during the author's 25-years as a journalist and editor - at a time when major events were having dramatic affects on American society. Told in a no-nonsense matter-of-fact manner...
    Al Jazeera - The Novel?
    Profile, Interview and Review - new literary quartet published this year by award-winning Al Jazeera and BBC Today Programme journalist, Afshin Rattansi.
    I Grew Up On A Farm-Molly's Reviews
    I Grew Up On A Farm, is an autobiographical account of the author’s life spent on a functioning farm in Middletown, New York during the 1950s. Written by author Alan Lewis and illustrated by artist Bob Fletcher I Grew Up On A Farm brings to life the author’s memories of a time shared by this reviewer and sadly lost to many today.
    A Trek Across the Sierra Nevada Heals Wounds From Loss
    Jeff Alt and his wife Beth treck the John Muir Trail as a depression awareness campaign and to heal their wounds of loss to suicide.
    Conscious Courage - Turning Everyday Challenges into Opportunities Review
    The goal Stearns had in mind when writing this book was her desire to help us understand that discomfort goes hand in hand with growth. Because of her experiences while going through a painful divorce, Stearns tells us first hand how she was able to forgive, heal and move on with her life. T
    "Surrogacy Was the Way" Author Zara Griswold: Book Review
    When couples discover they cannot have children, the option to turn to surrogacy to make their families has become one of the hottest issues in the reproductive arena. When reality and controversy meet head on, the resulting discussion can be compelling and intense. But, when the drive and mission of a mother whose own success with surrogacy engages the heart and reaches out to others like herself who are willing to tell their own stories, the result is an important book that sheds light on this medical wonder and provides meaningful insight, resources and help to the millions of couples facing the harsh reality of reproductive difficulty.

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Book Reviews: Biographies Memoirs Article Category

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